Guiding you on your financial journey

Since 1983, Socha Financial Group, LLC has offered financial planning and investment management services to motivated individuals like you who share a desire to make their dreams a reality.

We are guided by the central belief that financial milestones are connected with life’s most memorable experiences. Small or large, they are the moments that give life meaning and a sense of purpose. We offer tools, guidance, and support empowering you to live the tomorrow you want to create.


We are dedicated to helping you articulate what financial balance looks like so you can build confidence and lean into the unknown.

We believe this balance is attainable no matter where you are on your financial journey, and that it looks different for everyone. Our work always begins with listening and understanding your unique goals and priorities to build a long-lasting partnership in service of what’s most important to you.


With you at the center, our services include everything from retirement planning and money management to simply talking about money and supporting you through crucial decisions. Click below for more about what we offer and who we serve.

Socha Financial insights



We see success entirely through the lens of our clients. Each relationship is built on a foundation of sound moral and ethical principles, which require us to put your own interest above our own, working together to define what financial balance looks like to you.


It is our unwavering commitment to achieve excellence as your partner, coach, and advocate. We take pride in our responsibility and loyalty to you and are honored to be entrusted with your financial lives. 


Our work is never done. We prioritize personal and professional growth, always curious about the needs of our clients and the world around us. We are continuously building our foundation of knowledge and experience, trying to learn from the past and adapt for the future.

Our Team

We look to hire people who have deep character and aligned values, and we treat them as such.


Michelle Socha Vang, CFP®

Michelle will never turn down a game of euchre.

Michelle Socha Vang, CFP®, EA

Managing Partner & Chief Compliance Officer

Jolie McCarthy

Jolie has seen over 500 recording artists in concert.

Jolie McCarthy, CFP®, EA

Managing Partner

Nina Socha

Nina will travel far and wide for awe-inspiring food.

Nina Graham Socha, CFP®, CDFA®

Managing Partner

Amber Gee

Amber loves music and dance parties.

Amber Gee

Paraplanner Associate


Michael Socha, CFA®

Michael is the company’s CEO and enjoys adventures with his family.

Michael Socha, CFA®

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Shana Colegrove

Shana grows mean vegetables in her garden.

Shana Colegrove

Investment Management Specialist

Shana Colegrove

Sabrina is a Halloween baby and loves all things spooky.

Sabrina Axtell

Investment Team Assistant
& Tax Preparer


Linda Knickerbocker

Linda LOVES the beach.

Linda Knickerbocker

New Account & Transfer Coordinator

Charlotte Wheeler

Charlotte shops till she drops.

Charlotte Wheeler

Client Services Specialist

Emily Tobey

Emily is a huge Disney lover.

Emily Tobey

Client Services Specialist

Meggan Driscoll

Meggan is a self-taught juggler.

Meggan Driscoll

Tax Analyst & Accounting Director

Kelsey Mauer

From rescuing spiders in the office to stray cats outside, Kelsey has a love for any living thing.

Kelsey Mauer

Our History

Established in 1983, Socha Financial Group is a community business with family at its core. Our founder, Nancy Socha, noticed the lack of financial planning services in the Southern Tier region in her early 30’s and set out as one of the first female financial planners in the area to fulfill this need.

As the firm grew and more services were added, Nancy’s husband, Lou, joined the firm in 1999. What began as a one-person business has now grown into a financial planning and wealth management firm with over ten employees.

In December 2018, Nancy and Lou retired and the business was purchased by their children, Michael and Michelle, along with longtime leader Jolie and Michael’s spouse Nina. Though there are new faces in the office, we continue to stay true to the original culture of the firm and Nancy’s original vision of helping individuals and families navigate life’s financial journey.

We are proud to have the opportunity to carry on Nancy’s unique legacy and know that our success comes from wonderful clients, a talented and committed staff, and a strong desire to build these services long into the future.

Nancy and Lou Socha